Fitness Photography – Bognor Regis – West Sussex

Do you love the gym? Have you lost lots of weight and want to show yourself how well you have done? Are you a body builder, Personal trainer or just into fitness?  Are you in the shape of your life? Do you do a special type of fitness (martial arts, boxing or MMA)?

If this sounds like you, then you might like to think about a fitness photoshoot.  I can cater to most types of fitness and understand there may be a range of reasons why you would like to have a fitness photoshoot (like weight loss). I use the most up to date lighting techniques to show your body off at it’s best.  Sculpting you with light and recording this in your images.

I favour black and white for fitness photoshoots, but always provide a mix of black and white and colour images for you to choose from.

About your photoshoot

When planning for your photoshoot, please note the following-

Your images will have a more timeless look if you wear clothing with no large logos.  Plain colours work best (because the main aim of your photoshoot is to record your physique, patterns can be a little distracting for the eye).

Your hour photoshoot will be quite strenuous! It is almost a gym session in itself, with this in mind make sure you bring any drinks or snacks with you to make sure you are at your best throughout.

We do not currently have large weights for your use, so, if you would like any dumbbells or other equipment in your images please bring it with you.

Current list of equipment for customer use- 8kg kettlebell, 10kg kettlebell, 2kg dumbbells.

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